Get Ready to Glow Up: Introducing Our Signature Houseplant Potting Mix

Get Ready to Glow Up: Introducing Our Signature Houseplant Potting Mix

Introducing Our Newly Rebranded Houseplant Soil Blends: Houseplant Glow Up Mix and Desert Glow Up Mix!


Not all potting mix is created equal. When it comes to caring for your plants, you know they have unique needs that are not always met by mass-produced, commercial potting mix. That's why we've developed our small batch premium houseplant potting mix, thoughtfully curated so that your plants can literally live their best life. 

Sustainability is also a factor we take into consideration. We believe in providing effective products while minimizing our impact on the environment. With our premium potting mix, you know you're making a choice that benefits both your plants and the planet.  Many commercial mixes contain peat moss, which is a rapidly dwindling resource.  The base of our mix is coco coir, which is abundant and widely available!  Our other amendments are sourced from other PNW manufacturers and we are always excited to be supporting other businesses while growing our own. 

Benefits of Our Premium Potting Mix

You will notice an immediate GLOW UP using this mix! Our houseplant potting mix is designed to elevate the growth and overall health of your plants, giving them the boost they need to thrive.

Quality ingredients are at the core of our formula. We use a coco coir base, which provides excellent water retention and aeration, allowing roots to breathe and prevent getting waterlogged. Additionally, our mix contains biochar, a natural ingredient that improves soil fertility and enhances nutrient absorption. 

One of the most significant advantages of our premium potting mix is that it virtually eliminates the risk of transplant shock. When repotting your plants, they can often experience stress due to changes in their environment. However, our carefully balanced blend ensures a smooth transition, ensuring your plants will continue to thrive.  When we ran our retail shop our customers were ALWAYS raving about how we repotted their plant and saved it!  We have repotted literally thousands of plants with our blend and have not heard any negative feedback. 

We offer two specialized formulas to meet the specific needs of different types of plants. Our Houseplant Glow Up Mix is a chunky, well-draining blend ideal for tropical foliage plants. Horticultural bark contributes to its chunkiness! It allows excess water to easily escape, preventing root rot and promoting healthy growth.

Our Desert Glow Up Mix is a gritty, fast-draining mix specifically formulated for cacti and succulents, mimicking their natural habitat and preventing overwatering. It contains sand which not only helps the structure of the roots but also helps maintain the desired temperature.

If you're ready to witness the incredible difference our premium potting mix can make, give it a try! Your plants will thank you.

Our small batch premium houseplant potting mix is available in convenient 3.5 qt bags or 10-gallon boxes, so you'll have the right quantity no matter your specific repotting needs!

If you have any questions or need help choosing, we are here for you!  We believe that every person can be a "plant person", with the right tools. 

Get ready to experience the ultimate glow up for your houseplants with our signature line of products.


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